MrQuickPick Partnership

MrQuickPick has announced a partnership with Lyft and Uber drivers to offer their services to motorists who are locked out of their cars. Selected Lyft and Uber drivers in the Louisville market are the first who have the opportunity to participate.

Jon Taylor, CEO of MrQuickPick said, “There is a natural fit between what we do and what the major rideshare services offer. For a rideshare driver who is out and about with a mobile device and GPS we can help that person make extra money by providing a very useful service to locked-out customers.”

MrQuickPick works to maintain a high level of service and their goal with this partnership is to continue that standard. Any Lyft and Uber drivers who qualify for the program are required to go through a background check. Once they are cleared, they receive the training necessary to perform lockout services on most vehicles. Taylor says, “We can teach most anyone to unlock a car in a relatively short amount of time.”

Taylor believes that the partnership is a good match between his company and the rideshare services because both place an emphasis on integrity. “Both MrQuickPick and the rideshare companies value integrity and transparency. Their customers want to see who is coming and know that they’ve had a background check. They need to know the company is legitimate and will do what they say they will do for the price they say they will charge. They want accountability. When we partner with the rideshare drivers that’s what we will offer to our mutual customers.”


Posted on August 28, 2014 at 10:00 AM