Locksmith Needed to Open Vault

Sonoma County Museum is looking for help from a locksmith. They have two vaults within the museum. The site was previously Santa Rosa’s post office. One vault is open, but the other one is locked.

The second vault was not discovered until a wall was removed, which uncovered the vault. No one knows what the combination is for this vault. Diane Evans, the museum Director, is looking to use the second vault in historic displays. They need a locksmith to open the vault. It is believed that there is nothing in the vault, but there is the possibility that it contains a time capsule placed many years ago.

The museum is not offering money for the locksmith willing to open the vault. They are, however, offering the locksmith a picture in the next MUSE magazine. The email address: marketing@sonomacountymuseum.org is fielding offers from legitimate locksmiths who are willing to attempt to open the vault without using any explosive devices.

Posted on September 16, 2014 at 10:00 AM