Increase in Daytime Burglaries

Wilmington police say that there has been in increase in daytime burglaries in the Hedgeville area. Residents are being instructed to take the necessary steps to keep themselves from being targeted.

Residents are urged to be good neighbors and to report anything suspicious. The police recommend that homeowners check their windows and locks. Calling in an experienced locksmith to get specific advice is advised. A locksmith can recommend the best locks for your home. They can also assess your home for any security risks.

In additions, residents are advised to take simple precautions like keeping their garage door closed and locked. Making a home look occupied even when you are on vacation is crucial. Have a neighbor pick up mail or newspapers. Set lights on timers. Ask a neighbor to make sure that your lawn is mowed while you are gone.

An alarm system is another good option. Again, consult an experienced locksmith for the advice on the proper system and installation.



Posted on September 9, 2014 at 10:00 AM