3 Creative Ways to Unlock a Car Door

So you’ve locked your keys in the car. You don’t have AAA, but you, for some reason that will probably never become apparent, have a variety of random items at your disposal. Getting the door unlocked doesn’t have to be difficult, so here are a number of creative and unique ways to unlock a car door without a pesky key.


Unless you’re wearing sandals, this is probably one of the most convenient ways to open a locked car. If you have the type of car that has a simple lock that you pull up to unlock, then a shoelace is your best friend. According to a clever drawing on the website Wonder How To, all you have to do is tie a slipknot in your shoelace (use your phone to look up how if you weren’t a Boy Scout), and slide it in through the crack of the door and the door frame. Carefully move the shoelace until the knot is inside the car, and pull it from side to side until the slipknot loops around the lock. Simply pull up and boom! Instant unlocked car.


Butane Lighter

This one is a little different than a standard locked car, and is typically only applicable to people who live in colder climates. One of the most frustrating things about a cold winter day is the possibility of your car lock freezing to the point where you simply can’t open the door. If you happen to have a lighter on hand, one of the simplest things you can do is lightly heat up your car key and inserting it into the lock while it’s still warm. This will melt the ice and allow you to open the door without accidentally ripping off the handle. This works best with a butane lighter, however, but since those look way cooler than a standard lighter, you should probably be carrying one around anyway.


Cell Phone

Everyone carries a cell phone, and if you’re one of those drivers who uses a remote keyless entry to get into your key but have locked it inside, all you need to do is whip out your cellphone to unlock that sucker. Simply call someone who has access to a spare keyfob (the fancy name for the electronic door opener), and have them click the unlock button into the speaker while you hold yours to the door. With luck, the door should unlock. You should probably try this at home before you rely on it in a precarious situation that sees you stranded on the side of the road while an escaped serial killer roams the forests around you. Not that this is likely to happen, but hey, you never thought you’d lock your keys in your car either.

Posted on September 25, 2012 at 9:00 AM