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Atlanta Solution Locksimth LLC
100 Peachtree St Nw,
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
(770) 903-4600


Last updated 5.11.2012


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Posted by
Property Manager

I called YESTERDAY to schedule an appointment this morning to have door locks changed at a shopping center - basically to lock out a tenant who owes the landlord a lot of money. The locksmith was ONE HOUR AND 15 MINUTES LATE!!! So what happened? He drilled out one lock and then the tenant happened to pull up to open her store. So I had to PAY the locksmith to install a new lock and hand the keys to the tenant. In summary, I wasted two hours of my life, paid $150 for nothing (after fighting for a discount), and now the landlord still has a tenant in a store that's not paying rent. And to top it all off, the guy NEVER APOLOGIZED to me one time!?! I read other reviews and they are correct. The locksmith that comes out doesn't actually work for this company. He was an independent guy with no signs on truck, no uniform, no biz cards and probably no insurance. They mislead you on the MANY MANY WEBSITES they have, including LawrencvilleGaLocksmith.com, locksmith30009.com, autolocksmithbuford.com and atlantalocksmithpro.com. I found them on the Lawrenceville website and found out later that they aren't actually in Lawrenceville and they are NOT the "best choice" when it comes to the "fastest and most reliable locksmith services" as written word for word on their website. My advice is that you not only go elsewhere, but make sure the locksmith you're getting is actually an employee of the company you're calling...otherwise you might as well as pull a random person off the street and let him/her into your home.

Posted by

Called this company to make a key for my Car. They said they were coming and never showed up until the next day. They were $50 dollars over the price of what they quoted. When I went to the store a couple of day later and locked my door, the key that started the ignition did not fit the door lock so I was locked out. I called and the guy said that would be EXTRA!!! He said he could send someone out, but they would charge again! STAY AWAY!! TERRIBLE COMPANY AND RUDE PEOPLE!

Posted by

THE WORST SERVICE EVER. they quoted one price and charged double. The technician talked crazy to me and informed me they extra charge was for coming out on a Sunday. They are ope 7 days a week. IF YOU WANT TO RAPED. THIS IS THE PERFECT COMPANY!!!!!!!!

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