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Reminders From Hopper

A humble businessman from Humble, TX named John Hopper reminds TX locals to make sure that before paying an automotive locksmith you have already gotten a firm quote and have checked the state license. Reports from many local residents were being unbelievably over charged by...

Disney Hotel Leads the Wristband Key Experience

Over $1 billion has been spent by the Walt Disney Co. with their newest technology, promoting this new move as their “Next Generation Experience” that will attract many customers into booking themselves for a vacation with Mickey Mouse!

Electronic Locksmith Promotes Richard Barrett

Richard Barrett has recently been given by World Class Installations, Inc. a step up to his duties. Starting this new year, he is now head within the U.S. of all installations.

Phoenix Expo for Locksmiths in 2013

From February 6, 2013 to February 8, 2013, an expo is to be expected in Scottsdale, AZ. This expo is one of the first out of five that involves the Intermountain Lock and Security Supply.

Discounts Until the New Year

Hawk Locksmith, a Seattle based locksmith company under Bellevue is going to give discounts and will be extending until the new year.

Magic Hidden Bike Lock

Heavy locks are such a drag when needed to be carried away since they are so heavy. Many people ask what is the best solution for this dilemma. This is where Kickstarter comes in with their new featured lock integrated into the bike to look as if it disappears away.

Types of Car Security

Security comes in many forms, and when it comes to your precious car, the more the merrier. After all, you can’t trust a simple lock and key when it comes to protecting your brand new car. Thankfully, there are other ways to ensure your car is safe when you’re away from it.

J.W. Winco Features Stainless Steal Door Locks

J.W. Winco Inc. now offers a new product that has a durable material - stainless steel. The new product's model is GN 119-NI and it has various sizes and various ranges of clamps from 17 to 65 mm.

Renaming To Strategy, ALOA

Even international associations change strategies from time to time and one of those strategies is to change names.

The Advantages of Electronic Cylinders

Electronic cylinders installed in one’s lock cases are said to be the quickest way to turn your mechanical locks into electronic locks.

Electromechanical Locking System and its Advantages

Having mechanical locks and keys has been the tradition in many places and it has certainly addressed the need of having a secure home.

New Product from Medeco: M100 eCylinder

Medeco has recently introduced a new product from their company that is available in ASSA ABLOY and presents a promising wireless technology.

Famous Locksmiths in History

Did you know that there are different famous locksmiths throughout history? One of them was Robert Barron, who owned a patented design of a double-acting tumbler lock. This lock was made in 1778 in England and was very well known to be the first serious development in security.

Oldest Lock in the World

In the history of locks, did you know that the oldest lock is around 4,000 years old?

SIA New Product Showcase for 2013

The famous 2013 SIA New Product showcase is now accepting entries for those who want to show their new products in ISC West in Las Vegas, Nevada. On April 9-10, 2013.

Melt Away your Frozen Car Locks!

Before the winter arrives, it is best to prepare oneself with the right tools in cases of emergency. Better yet, it is best to equip oneself with the right knowledge, especially if predicted situations are possible to happen within your area.

Personal Relationship is the Way to a Successful Locksmith Business

A California based locksmith, Charles Skobrak Sr. states that his business has been long open since 1962 but his success was not easy, in fact it started out slow with only one man employed in it – himself.

Higher Security for Sandy Hook Elementary School

Sandy Hook Elementary School, found in Newtown Connecticut announced on Friday that they have taken action towards the death of 26 people in their premise. The school has assured security by increasing patrols, plans and locks!

Avoiding Holiday Headaches: Locks

One of the most common rituals for an individual to do during the holidays is to pack their bags and go home to their families.

Luggage Security During the Holidays

With the holidays on our heels, attention turns not just to long flights, crowded airports, and cramped airplanes, but the security of your luggage. Stories of suitcases going missing and larcenous Transportation Security Agency agents pilfering your goods while you’re not looking...

New Product from Videx: CyberKey Vault 20

A lock company called Videx, Inc. has introduced a new product in the locksmith industry that features a sleek design, weatherized input modules and embedded Flex System Hub, with improved performance. The new product is called CyberKey Vault 20 FX and it features a lower price.

How To Make Your Own Overlifting Wires and Keys

This is essential knowledge for those who are in locksmith business. Watch this video that illustrates lever lock overlifters and demonstrates how to make your own over lifting wires and keys.

Locksmith Company Celebrates 15 Years In Business with New Website

The Locksmith West Palm Beach has launched a brand new website just in time for the company’s 15th anniversary.

Onity Working Double Time To Address Security Issues

Onity has been taking steps to improve its hotel locks after a hacker was able to breach through its system and expose a potential vulnerability.

Getting The Right Locksmith – BBB Writes A Checklist

The Better Business Bureau in Minnesota and North Dakota has listed down tips on how to get a licensed and professional locksmith.

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