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Re-Keying Locks in New Home

There is much excitement when moving into a new home. As the proud homeowner, there are some precautions you should take to make sure your new home is safe. It is important to understand that there may be a variety of people who have keys to your new home.

Locksmith Trade Secrets

There are some tricks of the locksmith trade that you might not hear directly from your locksmith. They are, however, interesting to know.

Deceit in the Locksmith Industry

A news station in Missouri did a story on the various types of deceit found within the locksmith industry. The industry, unfortunately, has a reputation for these types of unethical business practices.

Emergency Locksmith Service Crucial in the Heat

Each year during the summer months, news channels carry heart wrenching stories about children, elderly and pets affected by the season’s heat. This time of year presents dangers that cannot be ignored.

Hopperlock Locksmith Expands

Hopperlock Locksmith in Texas has recently expanded their service area. They now offer assistance to customers at George Bush National Airport as well as New Caney, Porter, Kingwood and Antascocita.

Becoming a Locksmith

When you consider that virtually every external door on every building in the world has a lock, it is easy to see why there is always a need for locksmiths. The field seems to have a steady demand regardless of what the economy is doing. There are multiple paths to becoming a...

News Team Prompts Closer Look at Locksmiths

In most industries there is some type of regulation required in order to do business. For example in Florida, mechanics and moving companies must be licensed or registered. Oddly enough, the bay area locksmiths are not currently held to that standard.

Old Safe Reveals a Piece of History

On the 125th anniversary of the National Council of Women of the United States, the organization joined with the University of Rochester to open an old safe.

Security Checks for Sheds and Outbuildings

In the summer months more time and more money is spent outside. For lawns and gardens, this is the time to regroup after winter and watch things come back to life. Garden and landscaping tools are expensive and worth protecting. It is important to make sure that any sheds, garages...

iLocksmiths Offers New Locks

iLocksmiths, a leading locksmith with a strong online presence has a large network of over 500 locksmiths offering the latest products and a quick response time.

SBDC Helps Locksmith Business Thrive

Tabitha Beneke knew she was on tap to take over her father’s locksmith business when he could no longer run it, but when his health failed and he passed unexpectedly, she had to make some important decisions.

Locksmith Uses Website to Better Serve Customers

In Pomona, California Curley’s Key Shop invested in a new website that is intended to increase their level of customer service. The site allows their customers and potential customers to learn about their various services.

What You Need to Know When Locked Out

If you find yourself locked out of your house, you may have some decisions to make. Some families choose to hide a key in a strategic place. This offers quick entry, but may not be the safest choice. Others have the foresight to leave a spare key with a neighbor.

The Better Business Bureau Helps You Find a Locksmith

When selecting a locksmith the Better Business Bureau offers some advice to make sure you’re making the right choice.

Safety Tips For New Yorkers: Burglaries On The Rise in Queens Neighborhood

NYPD has increased patrols in the area and Safehouse Locksmith, a local company, has been experiencing a brisker business selling locks and safes than in years past.

Sign of The Locksmith

Ghost signs refer to those painted advertisements that are at least 50 years old and are found on an outside wall. Some refer to businesses that died a long time ago while others concern establishments that are still open for business.

New Technology To Insure Home Security

In the last year, there has been a disappointing sales curve in the residential security industry because of the fact that the current weak economy has taken its toll on new home construction

Automatic Door Locks Add Much Convenience and Many Options

Vivint is a Utah-based home automation services company that is currently offering automated door locks that will provide homeowners with more security options to protect their homes and loved ones.

The Newest Auto Trend: Smart Keys vs. Smartphone

Is the traditional car key quickly becoming a thing of the past? Some auto trend-watchers are claiming that smartphone-run apps will be the new way to go when it comes to running your car.

The Art of Lockpicking: A Locksmith’s Tool of the Trade

Although the word lock-picking rarely evokes an image of artistic expression, in its own unique way it is an art form of the highest order.

New Estimate Services Available From Locksmith Companies

The locksmith industry is not usually known as a sector that provides free estimates within its own industry; that is, until now. One leader, iLocksmiths of Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York, is very proud to announce its new “zero dollars estimate”, which enables customers to avoid...

E-Commerce Site Launched for Residential Locks and Hardware

This new e-commerce site from Yale Locks & Hardware allows consumers to streamline their search by product type, function or desired finish (polished brass, satin nickel or oil rubbed bronze permanent.)

Locksmith Whistleblower Pushes For Investigation of Employer

The whistle blower who has been called Frank to protect his anonymity told the press that he had absolutely no training or experience and was nevertheless hired by Lior Group LLC to respond to emergency auto and house lockouts.

Hong Kong Hospital Receives New Master Key System

These ASSA cylinders have been used before in the government offices when they were built a few years ago, but getting them into the new hospital wasn’t easy because competition was very keen.

Locksmith Offers Advice on Preventing Burglaries

No matter where a locksmith is located customer service should include helpful advice such as avoiding push-button locks in favor of deadbolt varieties, which are more secure due to the fact that they are difficult and time consuming to open.

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