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Complimentary Estimates from University Lock & Security Company

The home security industry is constantly changing as new technologies are introduced. Homeowners in the Phoenix area can call on local company, University Lock & Security to get free estimates on installing or upgrading their home security.

Ex-Con Locksmith Denied Job - Move Towards Change

Twenty two years ago, Kevin Hubbard was arrested for two misdemeanors. These incidents make him ineligible to work for the Duval County Public School district. Hubbard is a qualified locksmith who has the experience and knowledge to fulfill the posted locksmith job requirements.

Using Your Smart Phone as a Key

Kwikset has released its highly anticipated Bluetooth-enabled deadbolt lock. The Kevo smart lock began shipping on October 29th, 2013. Once the lock is installed, a mobile app on your smart phone makes your phone your key.

Aftermarket Retailer Makes Replacement Keys More Affordable

When Shawn Khan, a computer science graduate, went to his car dealership to get a copy of a key, he was shocked at the price. His bill was $225.

Locksmith Receives Perfect BBB Score

A-Access Lock & Key has been rated by the Better Business Bureau with a 100% score.

Locksmith Files Grievance Against University

The University of Chicago put an end to a policy that prohibited uniformed service staff from using the Administration Building elevators between the hours of 7AM and 7PM.

Police Seeking Suspect in Killing of Locksmith

In Tulsa, Oklahoma homicide detectives are searching for a man they believe shot and killed locksmith Sebastian Geiger.

Locksmith Shot on the Job

A suspect has been arrested in the shooting of a locksmith who was working with Contra Costa County sheriff deputies serving an eviction notice. The suspect surrendered after a four hour standoff.

Locksmith Phone Number High-jacked

A locksmith in Duluth says that someone managed to get his phone number transferred to their control illegally. His only business during this time came from customers who had his cell phone number.

Out of State Locksmiths Using Phony Addresses

A news station in South Carolina offered this advice to those who find themselves locked out of their home or car. Think twice before just calling any locksmith.

The Price of a Key

If someone claims that $4 is too high of a price for a key, locksmith Phil Mortillaro would disagree.

Locksmith Offers Discounts for Senior Citizens and Students

Prime Alert Locksmith in London offers discounts to both senior citizens and students for their 24 hour services.

Suspect in Locksmith Scam Surrenders

Rowan of Wilson-Rowan Locksmith is finally able to breathe a sigh of relief after police have arrested an imposter who was scamming his customers.

Locksmith Shop a Central Part of the Community

The Charles Stuttig Locksmith shop on Greenwich Avenue is not only the smallest shop on the avenue, it is also one of the oldest.

Locksmith Moves to Dream Location

Johnson & Johnson Locksmith and Door Company has moved to a new location. Over the past 15 years, the company has been in two other locations, but the new location and facility is owner Anthony Johnsons’ dream location.

Locksmith Robbed At Gun Point

The Manatee Sheriff’s office reported that a locksmith became a robbery victim when two men called him for assistance with a locked vehicle.

High School Prank Comes with High Bill for Ruined Locks

Two high school pranksters are finding that their joke comes with a bill of $13,500. The students graduated, but were banned from participating in the actual graduation ceremony.

Victoria Locksmith Gives Advice on Burglar Proofing Your Home

The proper term for burglar-proofing your home is ‘target hardening’. It may surprise some homeowners to learn that sometimes this is as simple as owning a noisy dog.

Pawn Stars Shop Protected by Napco Gemini System

The popular show Pawn Stars showcases the day-to-day business of the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. It also has played a part in demonstrating the Gemini Keypad security system from Napco.

Day in the Life of a Locksmith

If you’ve ever wonder what the day in the life of a locksmith is like, Guy Gabai, one of the owners and managers of SOS Locksmith and Advance Security Systems in New York City offers some insight.

Locksmith Helps Amarillo Post Office Re-Open

A locksmith came to the rescue of the Downtown Amarillo Post Office, allowing their retail operations to resume business.

Call for Locksmith Regulations

In the state of Georgia, there are no regulations in place to govern the locksmith industry. Jack Wynn, the president of the Georgia Locksmith Association has been working to change that.

KeyMe App to Revolutionize the Locksmith Industry?

With today’s smart phone technology, the catch phrase ‘there’s an app for that’ can be heard on a regular basis. Recently a new app has come on the market that makes this phrase surprisingly applicable to the locksmith industry.

Unsuspecting Locksmith Helps Burglar

An unsuspecting locksmith was an accomplice in a burglary last week in Hollywood, California. He helped a man gain access to a home that he claimed was his own.

Facts About Lock Bumping

Lock bumping is the practice of using specially cut keys that allow the user to open conventional pin and tumbler locks. While this technique is used by locksmiths within their profession, there are those who use it for less than the best reasons.

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