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Locksmith Tools of the Trade

The tools of the locksmith trade are very specific. As a person makes their career as a locksmith, he or she might specialize in certain areas, but there are some tools that will be found a locksmith’s toolbox.

Locksmith by Chance

Sukhdev Singh got his start as a locksmith as a chance happening. While on break one summer, he responded to a help wanted ad for Bill’s Fix-it Shop, a locksmith.

Utah Residents Warned about Locksmith Scam

Locksmiths in Utah are warning consumers about a growing scam in the area. A news team did some research and was able to corroborate that the scam is active in the state.

Fast Locksmith a Favorite in Seattle

Fast Locksmith Seattle has been named the best value, most reliable and most professional locksmith in the Seattle area by Seattle citizens.

Advanced Safe & Lock Makes Acquisition

Access Lock & Key Inc has been acquired by Advanced Safe & Lock, Inc.

Why Become a Locksmith?

In today’s economy, part of looking at potential jobs is looking at jobs that offer some sort of job security. It’s important to find a job that will remain relevant. Those considering becoming a locksmith can rest assured that the field has a good potential for both security...

Locksmith Profile: Beach Locksmith

Mike Cosgrove is the owner of Beach Locksmith. His business serves the Brevard County area. Beach Locksmith has 2 locations.

Mineola Locksmith Launches New Website

Mineola Locksmiths recently announced the launch of their new website. They work to meet the needs of their customers in the Mineola community. The site strives to share the fact that they provide traditional locksmith services as well as emergency services.

Locksmith Opens New Location in Akron

A longtime Akron locksmith is opening at a new location. J.R. Shoup LLC has been in business for 105 years. The locksmith business is relocating to Market Court on West Market Street.

Safes Found in Jersey Mayor’s Wall Opened

On December 15th, Fox News reported that Jersey City officials solved a mystery by revealing the contents of two safes found in the Mayor’s office wall.

Locksmith Used in Home Invasion

A locksmith was hired to do his normal job, helping get someone into their home. In this event at a Northern Virginia home, the person hiring the locksmith did not actually own the home.

On the Spot Key Replacement

Omega Locksmith based out of Chicago is now able to offer on the spot car key service for their clients. They will meet the client wherever needed, whether at a shopping center or a social event.

Locksmith Offers Safety Tips for the Holidays That Work All Year

Each holiday season there are folks who learn the hard way about what to do or not do to ensure home security. While some of these tips are specific to the holiday season, several of them make sense for year round safety.

What an Automotive Locksmith Can Do For You

Automotive locksmiths perform a variety of services related to your car. The most obvious is the replacement of car keys, but there are other services as well.

Huntington Locksmith Excited about New Web Presence

Huntington Locksmiths is located on the North Shore of Suffolk County.

Locksmiths Tell Which Luxury Cars are the Hardest to Break Into

The National Insurance Crime Bureau report on car theft shows that overall this type of theft grew by 1.3 percent in the year 2012. This was the first increase in this statistic for 8 years.

Florida Locksmith Gives Tips for Burglar Proofing

Thieves can sometimes enter a home with one hard kick in the right spot. Some Florida locksmiths told WINK news about important ways to better protect your home.

Locksmith Cracks Safe Finds Millions

A locksmith and a scrap collector were beyond surprised when they discovered that an old safe was holding something special.

Thieves Mark Houses with Fake Locksmith Stickers

Burglars in the UK have a new system for marking properties that offer an easy target.

The High Price of Losing Your Keys

As technology has progressed, so has the price of replacing a seemingly simple key.

Pop-A-Lock Open in Snohomish County

Pop-A-Lock is the nation’s largest group of locksmiths. They recently opened for business in Snohomish County.

Hempstead Locksmith Launches Website

Hempstead Locksmiths serving the Nassau County area have announced the launch of their websites at http://locksmithhempsteadny.com .

Selma Locksmith Loves His Work

Mike England’s locksmith shop in Selma, Alabama is the last one in town.

Locksmith Wins Super Service Award

Mobile locksmith Teds Locksmith has won the Super Service Award for the third year in a row.

ACME Locksmith Opens First Shop in Phoenix

ACME Locksmith has opened its first central Phoenix location offering service to clients in the Phoenix and Glendale areas.

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