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Napco StarLink on iPhone and Android

Napco StarLink, a security system application that enables consumers the access in just a click of a button, is now available for iPhone and Android users.

Types of Keys

Car keys, door keys, electronic keys, skeleton keys. There are so many keys for so many different types of locks that it can all get a little overwhelming. While house keys and car keys are relatively common and easy to discern, there are a number of different keys that aren’t...

Why Various Lockers Are Important

Commonly known as a safe keeping device, a locker is one of the very important things we keep in life, especially for gym goers, students, employees etc. So why are they important?

Commercial Building Codes Clarified by IR

Commercial properties are now enforced to make improvements in their facilities to meet the standards that are implemented. Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies indicated that these standards are just updated but mandatory.

NFC-Enabled Smartphone Finally Completed

One of the big players for security devices, HID Global, has recently announced their greatest achievement – the completion of programs for access controls.

Grimsby Charity Shop Receives a Secure Safe After a Break-in

Police reported recently that over £800 was stolen from the Grimsby and District Healthcare Charity shop.

Brown Safe Manufacturing Flourishes in US

The very old but reliable safe manufacturing company, Brown Safe, has been hired by the government to create an attack resistive container for nuclear warheads.

Lake Tahoe Lockshop Ensures Safety at Home

Cars, houses and banks are the top three things that people most likely want to feel safe in and the Lake Tahoe Lockshop can guarantee consumers safety.

3 Creative Ways to Unlock a Car Door

So you’ve locked your keys in the car. You don’t have AAA, but you, for some reason that will probably never become apparent, have a variety of random items at your disposal. Getting the door unlocked doesn’t have to be difficult, so here are a number of creative and unique ways...

API Locksmiths Sold to GWA

The $25 million revenue generating company, API Locksmiths, has been reported to be sold to GWA for $13.1 million.

AG Koster Settlement with Kansas City Locksmith

A locksmith company from Kansas allegedly committed false advertising, stating lower prices in the ads but charging higher.

Mobile Phone Keys

A new technology based key is again released by the big time company, ASSA ABLOY and it definitely is incomparable to other key products.

Worcester Tornados Pending Court Case Leads to Lock Change

The main street office of Worcester Tornados, a local baseball team, was held and changed locks by Cola Locksmith Co. in the order of Constable Alan R. Jeskey.

Locksmiths Quickly Response to Clients

Crawley Locksmiths have enabled 24-7 services that cater to callout, lock repairs and emergency repairs.

Typical Problems of San Diego Locksmiths

San Diego Locksmith gets calls everyday having customers losing their keys or being locked out. One fact bothers them, these lock owners own very cheap locks, some of them even owning a plastic lock right in their front door step.

All About Locksport

Lockpicking is a skill most people feel is reserved for certified locksmiths and career criminals with a penchant for breaking and entering. Would you ever guess that there’s a sport devoted to it? It’s called Locksport, and it’s a recreational activity or, in some cases, competition...

Stick Your Car Keys Close

A San Francisco Locksmith Company reminds the public simple and easy steps in tackling one of the most common problems that drivers tend to be prone to – being locked out of a car.

Should Fire Services Charge For Lock Outs?

It has been widely known that fire services can help those in emergency lock outs. But what about those not so emergency incidents? Should consumers be assisted and pay up or should the department leave them be?

The Importance of Choosing a Professional Licensed Locksmith

Though it is expensive to hire a licensed locksmith, it is vital for consumers to choose them over those backyard self-taught ones for reasons of safety and guarantee.

Rutherford Controls Int’l Corp. Sets New Leaders

Eric Gowland, a loyal employee of RCI since 2008, has been appointed by Vicky Rutherford as the new president of the company. This was made effective starting August; hence Rutherford steps up as the new Chief Executive Officer.

The Big Lock of Scotland

Marvel at the astonishing engineering of this huge lock called the Falkirk Wheel. This huge locking system is was made for the purposes of connecting two canals together, a boat lift that rotates as a lock to the canal. The canals are known as Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Do Not Duplicate Keys

The stamp on keys saying “do not duplicate” is not a heed of warning that once it is duplicated it will suddenly explode. See what it really means...

4 Reasons to Change Your Locks

When it comes to your safety, nothing provides greater reassurance than knowing the locks to your home, car, or office are secure. Unfortunately, things can often go awry, prompting the need for you to change your locks. Here are 4 reasons for you to change your locks.

Aberdeen Based Locksmith Company Continues to Grow

Brent Fischer, the owner of the very old locksmith service shop named Don’s Builders Hardware And A-1 Locksmithing, has set their standards high as they show consumers their unique keys that competitors don’t have.

Lock Museum Of America Raises Funds

Lock Museum Of America, found in Terryville, CT, has decided to start a fundraising drive for the facility. This non-profit organization aims for improvement and expansion with the funds that they are going to gather.

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